About Fragrances


What does Eau de Colonge (EDC) Eau de Toilette (EDT), Eau de Parfum (EDP) mean?

The higher the percentage of essential oils the longer your fragrance will last, and the less you

need to apply.The difference between these is the concentration of the aromatic

compounds that are contained within the finished scent.

The most concentrated of these is called 'Perfume Extract' (Extrait) where the aromatic

compounds can be between 15% and 40%. That said you will rarely find this as it can iritate the

skin as it is so strong.

Perfume consists of natural or synthetic fragrance oil extracts diluted in water or high-grade alcohol. The difference lays in the amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance. The higher the concentration of oils, the longer the fragrance will last. Most designers like to produce the whole line of fragrances. 

Eau de Cologne - 4% essential oils. Lasts about 1 hour. 
Eau de Toilette - 8% to 15% essential oils. Lasts about 2 - 3 hours. 
Eau de Perfume (Parfum) - 15 to 22% essential oils. Lasts 3 - 6 hours. 


Once opened, a fragrance can keep for a year or much longer if stored correctly, the ideal location is a cool, dark place like a storage space or a drawer, avoid the bathroom because it gets hot and steamy and makes for the worst conditions for perfume!

An unopened fragrance will keep for up to five years by normal standards. Fragrances with a higher content of essential oils have a much longer shelf life. Essential oils contain no fatty acids and are not susceptible to rancidity like vegetable oils, however over time, the aroma and colour of a scent will change, basically, when the scent is no longer true or has an unpleasant odour it is no longer "fresh", in a clear bottle a "bad" fragrance may appear much darker than in its original form and fragrances which are packaged in dark opaque bottle will have a much longer shelf life as it is protected from damage due to exposure to light. However, keep in mind that with proper storage a well-made fragrance can last for many years.

It's not easy. Counterfeiters have become masters of their crime with the aid of modern digital imaging and printing techniques.

They are capable of producing almost identical replicas of ALL the major leading perfume brands on the market today. As a consumer you may never really know, UNTIL you experience the actual fragrance which may be close to but not exactly as it should. You'll discover that the perfume does NOT last as long, perhaps as little as one hour instead of half a day or longer as is the case with original designer perfume. 

Fakes use synthetic materials and loads of chemicals which in general are dangerous for you to inhale and can cause contact dermatitis.

Perfume does deteriorate. The time period depends on temperature, light and length of storage. Sometimes when stores close down, they SELL OUT their old perfume stock. Don't get caught out. Reputatable Merchants always ensure their perfume is FRESH, not old.

 The difference between knock offs and counterfeits is Knock offs are SUBSTITUTES for the real thing, generally they are marketed with the pitch that the consumer will save money by purchasing this cheaper "version" and still enjoy the scent of the original.

Counterfeits pretend TO BE the genuine fragrance.

Knock offs are sold on SCENT imitation, counterfeits are sold on BRAND imitation.

Counterfeits may imitate the scent of a genuine fragrance but what they really imitate is the trade dress -- the packaging, bottle, and trademark -- of the genuine product. In this case scent is a secondary issue and quite likely many purchasers of counterfeits are unfamiliar with the genuine scent as its cost may be beyond their means.


At Swirls Gifts and Décor we purchase only from a reputable provider and we do not purchase fragrances that are close to their expiry, if you purchase fragrances from a discount store, you may find thay the scent may not be quite the same as the one you purchased sometime before from a reputable seller such as Myer for example.


A few months after opening my store I decided to add fragrances to my range, I sourced the best companies in Australia to purchase fragrances from and found that the fragrances cost me more than what the discount stores could sell them to the public for, I found this confusing and very daunting that I could not offer my customers the same discounts.

Some time later I had an occurance in my life that made me really do some research, you see I enjoy a wide range of scents, one being Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Girl.

 I requested this as birthday gift as I had just finished off a bottle that I bought from Myer 1- 2 years prior.  

My “NEW” bottle was unmistakably different, the scent was not the same, I was extremely disappointed it smelled simular but not the same and it was awful, I can't discribe it, it turned out that my perfume was purchased from a discount store.

I compared the two bottles, and tried to see if I could find some tiny difference in the writing on the bottom of the bottle, I checked the packaging to see whether I could tell by the packaging that it was indeed  “fake” I could not tell by looking, though I knew it was either stale or fake, my nose told me.

I love Tommy Girl as a summer fragrance, and I did not like the scent coming from this bottle, all I could think of was how my husband had been deceived and what a waste of $50.00 so I did some research.

In my personal opinion places like markets and stands in the middle of shopping centres and discount stores may be selling fake fragrances, they may have purchased them at the black market or purchased bulk amounts at a cheaper price that are at the end of their shelf life, which means that they are able to sell their products cheaper.

 Of course I cannot be sure if this itrue, though I recommend purchasing from a reputable seller, such as Swirls Gifts and Décor so you know without a doubt that what you have purchased is Genuine and Fresh.

In my experience the fragrance is different and it actually wears off much quicker, which in fact makes it more costly as you need to use twice as much twice as often!