CARE INSTRUCTIONS of Products & Furniture



General Care Instructions:

To enjoy your PURE GARDEN furniture as long as possible please read these instructions carefully.

Your Garden furniture is treated with either a coating of oil or white lacquer that is suited for outdoor use. It can happen that the coating, by the influence of sunlight, rain and other weather influences, may fade or crack over time, which is a natural process of timber in an outdoor environment. Please see instructions below for your specific color/combinations or coating: natural oiled, white painted or grey painted.

Your furniture is oiled:

Clear Furniture oil gives a rich look, but also gives the wood protection for a limited time. Depending on the outdoor conditions and use, we advise you to brush your item down and apply a new layer of transparent hard wood furniture oil until the wood grains are filled. We also advise you to only treat your item when it is 100% dry. It is best to repeat this treatment twice a year.

Your furniture is painted white:

The white lacquer is treated for outdoor use but can crack due to weather influences. If this occurs clean the furniture with a simple solution of water and soap. After drying, brush down and treat it with white outdoor lacquer. While doing this carefully follow the instructions of the lacquer supplier. We advise you only to repeat this treatment when your furniture has a very weathered look.

Your furniture is (partly) painted grey:

For the treatment of your furniture that features a grey wash top, you can use a transparent furniture oil. Brush the item down lightly before you treat it to remove dirt, this will achieve a smoother result. We also advise you to only treat your item when it is 100% dry. It is best to repeat this treatment twice a year.

To extra protect your product against extreme weather influences we advise you to store your furniture undercover, dry and frost free during prolonged wet and cold weather, as well as periods of non-use. Using a furniture cover when furniture is not in use is recommended, but always make sure that fresh air can blow under the cover so moisture will not appear on the surface & cause stain rings. Also make sure the cover does not make contact to the table top directly for long periods of time.


- Don’t use aggressive cleaning materials. These will cause non removable stains.

- Wet glasses or cups can cause circles, utilize coasters to protect against these marks.

- Don’t place open heat sources (candles for example) on the table

- Over time screws can become loose. Tighten the screws regularly to prevent against parts becoming loose.